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Nursery Manager

Location: Falmouth
Salary: £23337 - £27500
Sector: Nursery & Early Years
Type: Permanent
Posted On: 29/06/2021

Role Brief

  • Ensuring a high standard of physical, personal, emotional, social and intellectual education and care for all children in the nursery
  • To ensure all children are safeguarded and their welfare and safety is promoted
  • Supervision of and support to the team members within the nursery, thereby implementing high standards of quality practices
  • The day-to-day management of the nursery including quality improvement, marketing and administration.


  • To plan and organise staffing schedules and holiday rotas to ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained in accordance with Ofsted guidelines and nursery procedures
  • To follow all relevant Acts including the Equality Act 2010 and the General Data Protection Regulation (regulation (EU) 2016/ 679) (GDPR) that relate to staff employment and record keeping
  • Overseeing the efficient upkeep and maintenance of the building and grounds, stock of equipment, furnishings and fittings
  • Being responsible for all administrative duties associated with the management of the facility, e.g. maintaining records on the children and their families, ordering equipment, maintaining an inventory, keeping personnel records
  • Co-ordinating and chairing staff meetings as appropriate including agendas and minutes
  • To instigate the development and implementation of systems to monitor and record child development
  • To create a weekly rota which adheres to legal requirements and nursery budgets


  • Good communication with parents and staff are built and maintained
  • Deal with day to day staff issues
  • Work with the Site and H & S Manager to ensure best in class working conditions for all staff
  • Liaising with Ofsted and other professional bodies associated with the nursery
  • Co-ordinating with appropriate agencies regarding trainee placements and supervising accordingly
  • Establishing and maintaining effective communications links with other agencies
  • To report back to the Senior Team as required with information relating to finance, quality of the provision and anything else deemed necessary


  • To promote the aims and objectives of the nursery
  • To promote the high standards of the nursery at all times to parents, staff and visitors
  • To ensure the provision of high standards of physical, personal, social and emotional care
  • To be responsible for all nursery staff, after school workers, cooks, cleaners, students and voluntary workers. Supervising and supporting all members of the nursery team in their day-to-day duties including recruitment and induction, appraisals and reviews, training and development, individual supervisions and discipline
  • Supporting all team members to work in partnership with parents/carers and other family members
  • To undertake such other duties and responsibilities of an equivalent nature as may be determined from time-to-time by the Senior Team.
  • To create and implement regarsis development plan.


  • Being responsible for the collection, recording of fees together with administering a petty cash budget
  • Marketing and advertising the nursery as necessary to ensure the nursery runs to its full capacity
  • Being responsible for working within all nursery budgets and collection of payments


  • Ensuring that all staff have an up-to-date *enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks
  • To spearhead the nursery safeguarding procedure to ensure all children are kept safe, well and secure and ensure all team members are able to do the same
  • To understand the requirements under the Prevent Duty and ensure it is incorporated into the setting. Make sure staff are made aware of this and any action that is required is taken promptly


  • Keep your own knowledge up to date and ensure that legislation is complied with in a timely fashion
  • To ensure all staff complete mandatory training
  • To promote staff professional development

Practice and Provision

  • To lead a team of professional workers and to ensure good practice at all times
  • To be aware of and act in accordance with current legislation, good practice, nursery policies and procedures
  • To adhere to, and support all team members to understand and follow, the legal requirements of the *Early Years Foundation Stage
  • To follow and support staff to understand and implement the *Early Years

Foundation Stage

  • To ensure the provision of a high-quality environment to meet the needs of individual children regardless of any disabilities, family backgrounds or medical history
  • To provide all team members with the support and resources required for the early identification and intervention for children with possible special needs

Health & Safety

  • To be responsible for the overall health and safety standards within the nursery and ensuring staff compliance and awareness, including training where appropriate
  • To oversee that the agreed high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at all times

This job description works alongside those of all other personnel. The nursery manager’s responsibility is to ensure that the staff team are working to their full potential and implement support programmes and training according to individual needs to achieve this.