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Emergency Teachers

Location: Cornwall
Salary: £100 -150 per day
Sector: Secondary
Type: Temporary
Posted On: 16/03/2020

Calling all qualified teachers!

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis we are calling on all teachers to play their part in supporting our fantastic education sector throughout the whole of Cornwall.

The Government has decided that keeping schools open is the best course of action for our country but as you can imagine ensuring our children have enough teachers to support our excellent schoools is a real challenge.

If you are a qualified teacher or education professional, please do get in touch, our client schools really do need as much support as possible in this time of need.

To do our part to support and help out, Opus are offering to pay for all DBS checks for teachers who are willing to put themselves forward and help. We won't ask for this money back, we just want to do our part to help out in our Schools' time of need.

Any time you can give, even if it is one day per week and only to help our schools get through these turbulent times, please do get in touch, registration with us is free, quick and easy, the positive impact you could potentially make is immeasurable.

Your country needs you, our children need you, if you can.... teach.