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CV Tips for Teachers and Teaching assistants


We get many Cv's that get emailed to us on a daily basis. Some are written amazingly some need improving. While many CV's need to be written again. This is not a negative thing, but it's something we would like to highlight to anyone applying for jobs to help you stand out the best you can. Here are a few simple steps that will help.

1 - It's not a one size fits all. If you are applying for jobs, don't think that you do one CV and that's it. You should tailor your CV for the role you're applying. Look at the job ad and pick out what they are looking for in their ideal candidate. Make sure all those good points stand out and closer to the top of your CV. On average a recruiter spend 6 seconds looking at your CV. IF they see points that stand out, they are more likely to stop and take a deeper look. 

2 - Try and keep your CV to no more or less than two pages.

3 - Personal statement this can be as little as a paragraph. Too much can put off your prospective employer from reading any further or at all!

4 - Your Career History. For CV purposes you should write a minimum of 5 to 6 year. Try to stick with what is relevant.

5 - Structure of your CV

- Personal details

- Personal Profile

- Career Summary

- Achievements

- Education 

- Employment

- Skills

- Hobbies and Interests

- References 

Personally, I don't think you need to add your hobbies and interests. With regards to your reference, again personally id write reference available on request. So here are a couple of things that might help you out if you would like any more information on CV writing please feel free to get in contact via our website page.

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