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Artificial Intelligence


The vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham believes teachers could be replaced in our classrooms or be relegated to a role similar to that of a teaching assistant.  

The controversial opinion was mooted by Sir Anthony Seldon at the British Science Festival which took place in Brighton last week.  On the topic of teacher's roles within schools changing, Sir Anthony commented "I’m desperately sad about this but I’m afraid I am (saying teachers would be replaced by machines). The machines will be extraordinarily inspirational."

This is not the first time artificial intelligence has been proposed as an alternative to face to face teaching, in China Liulishuo - a teaching AI system designed to deliver English lessons to Standard Chinese (Putonghua) speakers - has over 45m registered users and has attracted over $100m from investors.

Here at Opus-ABC we feel that whilst complimentary technologies are very important for the evolution of education, the role of the teacher is far too important to be replaced wholly.  We are very proud to offer continuing professional development to our teaching staff to ensure that they will be best placed to embrace advancements within the education sector and improve the quality of provision through this symbiotic relationship.

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