Posted on 06 September 2021

You have completed your teacher training. Fantastic news, well done! Some of you may have secured a job already. While others still might be looking or perhaps, for now, you only want to do some supply teaching gaining valuable experience.

While working as a supply teacher, you will have many opportunities to gain experience, and the end goal is that it’s a wonderful way to secure a full-time job. During your time on supply, you can start to work your way to completing some of your Induction if not all of it. All you need is the right placement that ticks all the boxes.

CV building

This one will be a major one. Many people think “I have a CV lets send it to everyone". They might have one CV for all job types and send it to every post of interest. In fact, you must tailor your CV to the environment and job role you are looking to apply. Therefore, make sure your teaching CV has all relevant teaching experience including linked training and qualification that you have gained. Further to this update your CV on a regular basis while its fresh in your mind. It harder later to think back at all the great things you have done.

Filling out an application

You might find yourself filling out many applications. You may also notice that most applications are identical. Please don’t misconstrue this as an easy option by copy and pasting from your previous job application. Make yourself stand out from the by researching each school, checking latest Ofsted reports. Your application should be a representation of the school you want to work within. Every school has its ethos. So make sure you have this in mind when completing the application.

You will have spent hours making your application, and you will have read it 100’s of time over. It looks perfect, right? STOP don’t send anything just yet. Because you have read it 100’a of times, it doesn’t mean there are not any mistake. You might not realise, but with repetition and reading your work over and over can bring unintentional bad habits of skimming over the words. You might not even realise you're doing it. Have another person proofread It for you or use a grammar checker. I would not rely on your generic word document to do this many of them are only around 75% accurate at best. There are many online grammar checkers that you can use. Grammarly being one of them. They are currently number one for checking your grammar.


While on supply you will have time to network. You will also find out about things that are happening within the schools you are working or things that might be happening soon and jobs that are in the pipeline.

Going the extra mile

It is critical that you always start as you mean to go on. Arrive early, and at the end of the day, it never hurts to ask if you can do anything else or maybe stay a little later. The school will notice you’re going the extra mile. Not only will it make you look good but it will mean you are more likely to continue to get more work within that school.


We have been in the recruitment industry for many years now and one of the more common complaints is marking was not completed or incorrect. As a supply teacher marking should be done and secondly if you are in doubt ask the school what the marking policy is. If it is not correct, you will only be creating more work for the school, and when the teacher does come back, they will now be behind.


While on supply, from time to time you might turn up to the school and planning is not set. Be organised and make sure you have some lesson plans with you in the event this will happen and it will. So be prepared, if you have some lesson plans your day will be much easier than trying to just think off the top of your head and be on the back foot.

Your class Teaching Assistant

The TA or TA’s in your class will have a fantastic relationship with your students. Make sure you build the proper rapport with them and a great working relationship. They will be your biggest asset while working on supply.

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